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09 May
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Are you worried about your home’s security while you are out? Well, you do not need to worry anymore; you can now monitor your home through your mobile phone! The cellular monitoring solutions have made home security easy and flexible unlike ever before. This technology connects via mobile network and is not reliant on any extra wires or landline phones. You only need to plug in the command station into a power outlet, and the remaining function is entirely wireless.

Cellular monitoring works in every area having an adequate mobile network. It is a useful solution to ensure that your home is safe from any danger while you are away.

Read on to know why it is necessary to have a cellular monitoring system for your home!


How does cellular monitoring work?

Cellular monitoring works with your mobile network. In case of any danger like a short circuit, a fire catch, or even burglary, it sends you an alarming signal to make you aware of the condition and enables you to take prompt actions. It also allows you to manage your alarm settings from any place. You can easily disable or activate your alarm on your phone.  These features make the system user-friendly and useful for those who travel a lot, are away from home for work or have homes in secluded areas.


Why should you get cellular monitoring for your home?


1. Cellular monitoring is convenient.

Most people are using mobile phones as their primary and probably only mode of communication, so cellular monitoring becomes a convenient way to secure your home. Also, it is a wireless connection which is dependent only on your cellular network, so this saves you time of rewiring or adding any extra electricity or internet connections.


2. Cellular monitoring keeps you connected no matter what.

Unlike landlines, you carry your cell phone wherever you go. This is how the cellular monitoring system enables you to stay connected and aware of your home security no matter where you are. Even if you are out for work, or traveling to other places, you can be at peace knowing your home is secure.

It also cuts down a few risks of landline monitoring. For example:

  • Landline monitoring may get disrupted if you change the service provider, but cellular monitoring has no such hassles. It gives you uninterrupted service.
  • Cellular alarm monitoring does not rely on wired connections or the internet to function. Even though your phone line goes down due to extreme weather, or you experience prolonged internet service outages, you can still connect to your cellular alarm system.
  • It is a possibility that in case of robbery, the burglars may cut off the landline connection. However, with cellular monitoring, there are no wires to cut off, and you get a direct signal of the danger in the home.


3. Cellular monitoring is affordable and reliable.

The cost of cellular monitoring can be lower as compared to other wire-based systems as you do not need to rewire or change any connections for this. The cellular system is much reliable, and you can get different specialized services as well. For example, you can get a complete control of your alarm system, or gain access to alarm history, and much more.


Now it is time to shed all the worries, as you can have your monitoring systems at your fingertips. At Security Alarms Co., we offer affordable packages and world class services for cellular monitoring.

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02 May
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As a business owner, you know how eminent your business assets are to the success of your company.  So it is imperative to ensure the safety of your business assets in the best way possible.

Your business assets don’t just include the physical property, but you intellectual and intangible property as well.

Here we have listed five things which you can do to protect your assets efficiently. 


1. Have a plan before a claim or data leak ever arises.

The first most significant thing you can do for protecting your assets is to start planning a security strategy beforehand. This means that you must regularly update your asset protection plan and especially in case of a significant change in your business status or any assets. Having a predetermined full plan is a necessary precaution to be taken to avoid risks or loss in future.


2. Apply for trademarks, patents, and copyrights as required.

Every business from any field probably has some intellectual property. In the current business scenario, your intellectual property is just as valuable as the tangible assets. So you need to keep the business IP safe by registering it. Try to get as many trademarks, patents and copyrights registered as required for your products and services.


3. Store all the important paperwork in fireproof cabinets.

By storing all the important records digitally and/or in fireproof cases, you will have guaranteed that they are safe and accessible to you whenever you need.


4. Utilize digital video security systems.

Another crucial way to secure your assets is to use a video security system. Through a video security system, you will have a proof of any misconduct by an employee or anyone else. This protects you against false claims with an unmistakable evidence.


5. Make an investment in insurance.

Asset protection planning through insurance helps you in minimizing the risks of lawsuits and other damages. Liability insurance provides aid when lawsuits occur. Your insurance company can step in to handle your defense and settlement in such cases.


Utilize confidentiality agreements and take internal security measures for securing trade secrets, and business data. 

Trade secrets from client lists, business practices to operations procedures are the assets which make you competitive in your industry. Hence, it’s crucial to secure these too.

Even beyond this, you can take measures for password protection, encryptions, and security methods to secure your vital digital assets.


Operating a business does not come without risks. However, by protecting your business assets, you ensure smooth operations. It’s always recommended to get professional help when thinking about the security of your workplace.


Security Alarms Company is here to design a custom security system that is excellent for your needs.  We can customize your security system to partition so that you can arm certain areas at certain times. There are times when the office should be armed and the shop disarmed. We have a system that works perfectly for any business situation! 

25 Apr
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Have you ever thought how easy it would have been if all your devices were interconnected to the internet and you could control them from any location? This is not science fiction anymore!

We are living in an age where most of the systems are getting automated. Nowadays, not just computers and smartphones, but also clocks, speakers, lamps, doorbells, cameras, window blinds, water heaters, electronic appliances and cooking utensils can now be interconnected. They can all communicate, send you the updates and take your commands. All this is possible via home automation.

Home automation is precisely automatic controlling of home appliances by using different technologies and controllers through desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets.  Although there was a lot of hype about home automation in the last decade, still it has genuinely evolved recently.

With home automation devices, like smart locks, surveillance cameras, temperature regulators and many more, you can now decide how a particular device should react and when it should respond.

It is time to make your home smarter and manage it just by grabbing your phone!


How is home automation good for every home?


Home automation enhances convenience.

Imagine regulating the room temperature from your bed or controlling the volume of an audio system from any room or scheduling the water heater 5 minutes before waking up. All this is possible through the home automation devices. These devices have made the daily activities much simpler, convenient and they also save more energy.


Home automation enhances safety.

Home automation devices offer security and safeguard your home. Through tools like surveillance cameras, a water sensor which alerts you about a likely costly leak, smart locks and security alarms, you can be alert about the security of your home at any moment and from any location.


Home automation saves energy and is super fun.

Home automation devices keep you engaged, and you will love to use them and explore more and more about them. Managing your daily chores will no longer be tiring if you have a smart home. You can just set your personal preferences, schedule the tasks and then sit back and enjoy while your latest in-home automation technology is at work. These devices are handy, flexible and user-friendly, so people of all age groups can handle them without any hassle.


Security Alarms Company offers superior home automation services to make your home smarter and your tasks more manageable.

Check out our services and know how we can make your home smarter and safer with our ingenious solutions!