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Cellular Monitoring
Only $25.00/month

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$25.00 per month

At Security Alarms Company we are excited and proud to offer cellular monitoring.  Cellular monitoring is absolutely the best way to monitor if you have reliable cellular service in your area.  We install DMP brand equipment as far as alarm equipment and they have a control panel that has a built in cellular communicator.  What this means is that there is a card inside the control panel that is like the SIM card inside your phone that sends a signal to our receivers just like your cell phone sends when it calls someone.  When it sends this signal to our receivers we know what is going off as far as your alarm is concerned because of the software we have installed on our computers in our monitoring station. 

The cellular is more reliable than a phone line because if a burglar were to cut your phone line on the outside of the house, we would not get a signal at the monitoring station.  The cellular is considerably faster as far as communicating to our monitoring station.  We also give our customers a lifetime warranty on the control panel and keypad if we install the DMP control panel/keypad w/cellular communicator.  We can add a cellular unit to a system without updating it to the DMP system and sometimes we have to because of the existing system circumstances.  Call or email for details on the best way to convert your system to the new cellular monitoring.