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Cellular Monitoring
Only $25.00/month

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$25.00 per month

At Security Alarms Company we put our customers first. Because we own our own monitoring station we do not have to charge an outrageous price for monitoring, and it is very affordable for all people.  We started out in 1987 at $10.00 per month, and we went up $2.00 in 2008 because of inflation.  Some people do not understand why our price is so much lower than other alarm companies.  It is simple.  We have our own monitoring station, and we are a private, locally owned company.  We don't have to charge a lot to make money.  We charge for the cost of the security system up front, so we do not have to charge more per month to make up for that cost monthly.  

The $12.00 per month is for landline monitoring.  This monitoring is done through a basic phone line.  By basic phone line, this means it cannot be a VOIP phone line.  The VOIP phone lines do not communicate to our receivers correctly.  If you do not have a basic phone line you should consider having your alarm system monitored through a cellular unit.